parchi_naturali Meran is very green city with a lot of gardens, tree-lined avenues, lush hills framing it; but real nature lovers can visit two outstanding nature reserves near to the city, famous for their beauty and natural features: Texelgruppe Nature Park and Stelvio National Park.
The former is named after the massif of Ötztal Alps and Alta via meranese, which is considered one of the most stunning excursion tracks of the Alps, passes right through it. In the park there is a wide variety of plants and animals, that includes almost all ecosystems of Alto Adige. In fact, here you can find broadleaved trees and larches woods, silver firs, Norway spruces, birches and oaks.

In this lush and varied nature live typical animals of Alps: marmots, chamois, squirrels and roe deer. Among the branches of the trees you can admire the magnificence of the raven and hear the mild singing of the woodlark, or the nasal voice of the marsh tits and see a flock of barred warblers or tawny pipits. Of course here there are also reptiles such as asp vipers and green lizards or insects like praying mantis. Above all of the soars the golden eagle.

Stelvio National Park is the largest protected area in Italy and includes an extensive territory of valleys and high mountains with varied and lush woods, alpine meadows, brooks with the purest water and mountain lakes. A matchless breathtaking sight. Moreover, in the park you can also find herbs and plants such as valerian, snapdragon, winter heath and yellow dwarf poppies. Fauna is very rich too. Here live steinbocks, stoats and alpine marmots, as well as a great number of birds such as the golden orioles, parrot crossbills, spotted nutcrackers, woodpeckers and black grouses. You can discover all of them and learn a lot about their lives and habits thanks to expert guides from the surrounding valleys.

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