Mele dall'Alto Adige

Apple from South Tyrol, characteristics and tours

In spring nature wakes up and blossoms in Meran. Meadows of South Tyrol revive and so do  apples  that  grow very well here thanks to the good climate  with heavy rain in spring and hot summer sun.

Also  the geographical location  of the region is crucial, Alps protect it against cold and wind, while the wide sunny valleys rich in water can host big apple orchards and various cultivars. Therefore, most of the cultivable areas of South Tyrol are used to grow apples.

In South Tyrol there is a  wide variety: from Golden to Fuji, but also Granny Smith, Red Delicious and a lot of others you can choose following your taste and considering three main features: taste, consistency and smell.

Often in order to protect delicate flowers and fruits are used natural methods  such as useful insects and animals that keep away parasites: for instance some birds eat harmful insects so they are welcome on the crown of the apple trees, as well as ladybirds that help eliminate aphids. Moreover,  to avoid infestation plants are controlled all the time so that possible harmful organisms can be eliminated immediately.

Harvest time starts in August, apples are then easily  exported to Europe and Italy.

CAFA fruit growers’ cooperative of Meran is one of the biggest and most modern of its kind, during the  tour  you can see all the steps the apples go through: from storage in cold stores to selection, packaging and shipping.

The first visit takes place on the 30th of March 2017 at 9.40 a.m. in Tyrol, then:

27th April 2017
25th May 2017
22nd June 2017
20th July 2017
17th August 2017
7th September 2017
14th September 2017
21st September 2017
28th September 2017
5th October 2017
12th October 2017
19th October 2017
26th October 2017

To take part to the visit is requested a compulsory membership of Associazione Turistica within 5.00 p.m. of the previous day.