At a gallop with the strong Haflingers between dances and typical tastes from South Tyrol

Every year on Easter Monday the beautiful town of Meran hosts the traditional Haflinger race that attracts tourists and visitors from the surroundings

Haflingers, dance, music and real fun in a traditional way: it is a mix of different activities organised in  Meran, that every year attracts tourist and visitors from the surroundings.
Hafling and the Haflingers
 Haflingers  are the main protagonists: great small horses with quiet, kind nature and strong body that have always been versatile both as work horses and as packhorses taken into military service, but nowadays they are also used for  therapeutic riding, what once again confirms their  wonderful temperament. Despite it can be used in various way, this horse is also a great free time company to go riding in the weekend along the wide local meadows while enjoying the wonderful Haflinger view a perfect background for children and adults.

Every year on Easter Monday, Meran hosts a 100 years tradition that livens up the streets of the city. The event starts in the morning with a folk parade through the streets with typical costumes and traditional carts. Folk music and dance are the background of the event and create a funny party atmosphere. Lastly, tasty South Tyrol typical food completes the event with traditional dishes irresistible for the visitors. Tourists and visitors particularly love sausages, typical wurst, grilled meat and of course a good quenching beer.
Then in the afternoon Haflingers are the protagonists again ready to start a stunning race in Maia racecourse where in the end is celebrated the fastest horse of the province.