At Merano Arte Exhibition Paintings

Kunst Meran promotes at Sparkasse building the group show Exhibition Paintings, included in the exhibition season started in September. The curator Christiane Rekade, who took over from Valerio Dehò, a few months ago said: “my programme is going to include important changes”.

Exhibition Paintings

The opening is going to take place on the 3rd of February and you can visit the exhibition until 17th April 2017. There are works made by six artists, who have analysed the role of painting. In fact, in the opinion of the six international artists it is not only the expression of the technical ability of the painter, but also the means of conveying the need of emancipation. The exhibition is an occasion to think about the working conditions and market rules that must be get rid of to gain free creativity. So it forms the basis for a new way to rethink the exhibition format itself, but also the relationships between curator, public and artists.

The artists

Charles Avery, Paolo Chiasera and Martin Pohl concentrate on their work on canvas, while Dorothy Miller, Lea von Wintzingerode and Amelie von Wulffen express the mechanisms and relations betweenartists and their audience. Charles Avery rethinks the idea of Musée Imaginaire and of exhibition as a place of artistic and curatorial production. Paolo Chiasera has been painting only on canvas since 2010 and has been his own exhibition curator, sometimes helped by a co-curator. For the Tyrolean artist Martin Pohl the space of the exhibition is crucial and he turns it into a real museum room. An anonymous artist under the pseudonym of Dorothy Miller made the cover of 13 exhibition catalogues. Lea von Wintzingerode is a young artist who focuses on new way of digital representation of art. Last but not least, Amelie von Wulffen expresses her fears and her way of life in her pencil sketches.


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