Brick4Ever, LEGO bricks in Meran

All of us played with famous LEGO bricks as a child. They are interlocking plastic bricks made by a Danish toy company invented by Ole Kirk Christiansen, a Danish carpenter who founded the company in 1916. In the beginning he made houses and furniture for farms, then he started making wooden toys called LEGO (the name comes from the Danish words legt godt that mean ‘play well’), it was only in 1949 that the plastic little bricks have been produced.

LEGO bricks are very loved by children as well as by adults, in fact, numerous artists have used them in their creations, statues and others constructions.

The city of Meran from 26th of November to 18th of December hosts the second edition of ‘Brick4Ever’, core of the event are the beloved colourful little bricks. The event includes an artistic exhibition of constructions entirely made of LEGO bricks that will attract a great number of enthusiasts.

There are also hundreds of figures that are part of a collection of little models and thanks to LEGO Technic have been also created miniature of farm vehicles, cranes and motorized trucks that can make very realistic movements. Visitors can also admire original LEGO sets and accurate copies in static and radio-controlled constructions. Thousands of bricks reproduce cities, medieval small villages, World War II scenes and spacecraft from Star Wars film series.

Besides visiting the wonderful creations of the exhibition, children can also play and express their creativity. They can stay in a room with tables, chairs and, of course, plenty of LEGO bricks. The play area helps them to express their fantasy and to have a really good time.

It is possible to visit the event every day from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. at the Kurhaus Meran, you can arrive from the Passer walk. Tickets cost 4 euro per person while for children under 4 years no admission fee will be charged.