Fishing in Meran

Fishing in Meran: chasing trouts and chars

You can find your wellness and relax enjoying Meran stunning landscapes, fishing along the shores of a brook or a alpine lake at the very heart of an uncontaminated nature

Meran is famous for its food, its breathtaking landscapes and also for the countless sport activities you can practice here. In particular, it is the ideal holiday destination for fishing lovers who can practice their favourite sport in beautiful natural environment.

From mountain brooks to alpine lakes, fishing in Meran and its surroundings is a very common activity. The favourite place is river Passer, a brook that runs through Passeier Valley and in Meran joins river Adige. In river Passer you can fly fishing right in the centre of the city.
Most of South Tyrol waters are designated as salmonid waters and Passer and other rivers and lakes of the surroundings are very rich in trouts. Passer allows various fishing methods because it is characterized by variations in flow and in the bottom of the river. Moreover, there is a great number of species such as brook trouts, rainbow trouts, marble trouts and chars.

In South Tyrol, as well as in other Italian regions, fishing is controlled to preserve maritime heritage: tourist have to buy a proper national fishing licence for non-resident (type D), besides a daily permit for the area in which you want to do it. You can find the licence at the tourist associations of the region, you cannot transfer it to anybody and it is valid for 10 years in whole Italy.
The season starts on the second Sunday of February and finishes on 30th of September. You can fish from 1 hour before dawn to 1 hour after sunset.

In the waters of Meran and its surroundings you can fish alone or in company, enjoying at the same tame your passion and a relaxing holiday.


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