canederli A blend of Italian and Austrian tastes. Rich and tasty dishes, enhanced by the excellent wines of the region.

Meran WineFestival & Culinaria is a triumph of food and wine tradition, but here you can have something delicious every day trying appetising specialties. Among the most typical dishes there are Knödel, a kind of dumplings famous and common with different names in Central European and East European countries such as Germany, Poland as well as in Austria and north-eastern Italy.

They have a German origin, knödel comes from knot that means lump. Knödel are a peasant food, an old way to use up leftovers: cheese or cold cuts pieces are used to make stale bread more palatable; it is cut in pieces then soaked in milk and eggs to hold them together. These big gnocchi are then boiled in salted water and served as main dish. Usually seasoned with melted butter, they are a perfect side dish for meat and soups.

Besides numerous savoury variants, there are also sweet Knödel. Made in a completely different way, sweet Knödel are really tasty thanks to apricot or plum filling. Sometimes enhanced by some cinnamon or cloves.

If you like meat and cold cuts you must try the Schlachtplatte, a big dish with sausages, pork shin, ribs, blood sausages, spiced and smoked meat. Schlachtplatte is usually eaten with side-dishes such as sauerkraut, potatoes and Knödel. Try them with a touch of mustard.

In Meran and its surroundings there is also pasta, sometimes served as starter. Schlutzkrapfen or Schlutzer are a crescent shaped kind of pasta, the dough is made of rye and wheat flour and filled with onion and nutmeg buttered spinach.

Krapfen are a typical pastry, fried in oil and filled with poppy seeds or chestnut, apricot or plum jam. The dough is mad with rye and wheat flour, eggs, cream, butter, milk and salt.

To enhance this delicious dishes you can try fragrant Alto Adige wines. The rich food and wine tradition of this region has perfect matching of smells, tastes and contrasts. High quality red and white wines such as Lagrein and Gewürztraminer, but also Riesling, Pinot bianco, Sauvignon and Sylvaner.

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