FORST beer: 160 years of passion

Near Meran towards Vinschgau Valley lies  FORST brewery. The philosophy that guides the company is based on the idea of joining nature and work. Great regard is shown for the production techniques and for the environment and the green areas surrounding the brewery.


FORST brewery was founded by Johann Wallnöfer and Franz Tappeiner, two entrepreneurs from Merano who had the idea of exploiting the good climate and the natural conditions to develop their project. In 1963 Josef Fuchs bought the plant and enlarged it also with the help of his wife. Over the years the production of beer grew and so did the fame of the brand FORST that in 1933 reached high production and technology levels. In 1948 two Sicilian brothers, Andrea and Francesco Vesco, signed a contract with FORST so that a bottling plant was opened in Palermo and the beer was distributed to the whole Sicily. The company has always been managed by Fuchs family. Currently they reached the fourth generation under the leadership of Margherita Fuchs von Mannstein.

Production process

Firstly, malt is introduced in big silos where, after some processing, is added water taken from the near mount Marling spring, so that a mixture is obtained. Then it is warmed in the mash vat and after some more steps beer mash is filtered to eliminate the spent grains. The spent grains are given to the farmers as fertiliser. Now starts the last step of brewery. The mash is boiled and during the boil  hops are added. The processing made of modern and traditional techniques allows the production of a beer loved in whole Italy.

FORST beers

They make 8 types of beer. The most beloved are Luxus Light, a light ale; Premium a lager; Sixtus a dark doppelbock; Kronen an ale that is FORST main product.