Meran hosts the international canoe slalom competitions in June

Since the beginning of fifties Meran hosts international canoe slalom competitions in the torrent Passer and in 1953, 1971 and 1983 the city hosted the world championships.

Meran Sport Club promotes the international and Italian competitions that are going to take place from 9th to 11th June 2017.

The city is known for the famous spa, but Meran is also important as canoe competition location and the June competition is going to be one of the main events of the programme, a unique experience for visitors and tourists.

Passer is a natural torrent and that makes the competition even more unpredictable because of the uneven water level that cannot be controlled.

For many years Meran canoe competitions have been outstanding sport events, a real institution, so that the city has become one the European capitals of this sport.

The goal of canoeing is to cover the distance of the race in the shortest time with a fixed course marked by 18 to 22 doors.

The difficulty of passing in all the doors with the canoe without touching them and incur a penalty makes this sport a chance to prove balance, strength and control abilities.

The June race is a major occasion for enthusiasts of this sport and for tourists who want to attend an exciting competition.


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