The city of Meran has a mild climate, almost Mediterranean, unusual for alpine areas. A climate that together with the hot springs has made the city a famous and recommended for a wide range of illness.

Besides being a great way to relax and find back mind and body wellness. Hot waters are rich in beneficial substances for the body such as sulphur, iodine, chlorine, iron, calcium and other elements that help in case of joint pain and inflammation.

Waters are also useful against respiratory system afflictions because of their antiseptic and stimulating properties for immune system. Thermal tourism grew in Meran also thanks to the researches of scientists and doctors who stated that the hot water coming under the ground has beneficial properties, very important the discovery of radon traces in mount San Vigilio springs.

From the first half of 20th century increased the projects to enhance and improve this therapeutic resources. Therefore have been opened Meran spa where still nowadays a great number of visitors can have mud baths, water massages and inhalations.

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