Merano Spring 2017

One of Meran primary features is the richness of its nature, that is the main attraction of Merano Spring that this year opens on 7th April. Not only the famous spa that have made the city well-known all over Europe as thermal tourism destination, but also the wonderful gardens of Castle Trauttmansdorff and the city trails such as Gilf and Tappeiner Promenade.
Merano Spring is an event that has been organised for three years and that involves also the nearby towns of Scena, Tirolo e Naturno.
The programme includes numerous activities that enhance smells and colours of the valley: firstly, the ‘flower sculptures’ in the streets of Meran, stunning creations made of fresh flowers in the shape of doves, horses jumping over a hurdle, two pandas and a lot of other shapes scattered in different places of the city.
A whole section of the Merano Spring Programme 2017 is dedicated to wellbeing, so in Scena you can get to know wild herbs and learn how to use them to cook; in Tirolo you keep fit by running and riding bicycle among flowery orchards and with a view of the snowy Alps’ tops; lastly, also in Naturno you can run guided by the athlete Rosita Pirhofer.
Moreover, there are also numerous excursions: in Scena on the occasion has been created the ‘Spring Bench’, positioned by the mausoleum of Schenna Castle inviting the visitor to sit down and contemplate the awakening of nature; here you can also follow the the Maiser Waalweg trail to discover the rural way of life of the area. In Tirolo folow the panoramic promenade with a spectacular view of the Passeier, Vinschgau and Etschtal Valleys Lastly, in Naturno you can go on an excursion to the 1,000-steps-trail where you can go down into the gorge following the iron, wooden and stone steps.
Of course there are also events dedicated to food, beverage, music, Haflinger races, books, yoga and origami
A really wide choice for the wellbeing of body and mind that makes you discover a region rich in tradition, history and culture, but also open and welcoming with novelty and visitors.