percorsi_naturalistici In order to appreciate at best the most enchanting views near Meran you can walk or ride a bicycle. Following the tracks through the surrounding valleys and mountains you can enjoy a wide choice of nature trails.
Besides the walks in the city like Tappeiner promenade that has botanical boards with information about more than 400 varieties of trees and
bushes; Sissi’s Path through the gardens of Trauttmansdorff castle. Then, of course the Passirio promenade near the city to discover the nature of Alto Adige. Waalweg paths along the ancient water channels are connected by water courses that are a pleasant walk the whole year round.

A breathtaking view all around the limits of the city. The water channels have been built to irrigate the fields of Vinschgau Valley, nowadays are dry and easy to follow. There are eleven paths with different lengths and altitudes that pass through valleys, woods and hills. The water channels offer stunning views and let you discover the most hidden and enchanting places: waterfalls, small bridges, vineyards, orchards, Roman and prehistoric archaeological sites, brooks and castles turned into museums.

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