Schlachtplatte Merano

Schlachtplatte, triumph of South Tyrolean meat

Schlachtplatte is a meat dish and it a very appreciated specialty of German and South Tyrolean cuisine usually served with typical side-dishes. The dish consists of various types of meat such as pork shin, sausages, ribs, blood sausages, spiced and smoked meat. Typically, it is served with sauerkraut or potatoes and bread.

The word comes from the German schlachten “to slaughter” and  Platte “dish” because by tradition it was only eaten on the day of slaughter. This tradition dates back before the invention of refrigerators and sensitive organs like liver had to be prepared immediately in order to avoid their deterioration. Over time, the recipe has been enriched and nowadays it includes almost every part of the pork.

Traditional Schlachtplatte was prepared in autumn. By slaughtering pigs farmer did not have to fed them in winter, moreover, they also created a good cold cuts storage to eat during the cold season. Furthermore, it is a very nutritious meal that helped facing the harsh climate.

When you prepare this specialty you use a lot of  spices and herbs  such as pepper, juniper berry, mustard seeds or bay leaf, according to the tradition of the region and personal preference. As final fresh touch the cook sprinkles the dish with fresh chives. One of the typical seasoning is  mustard.

Then, Schlachtplatte is a specialty that must always be served during the  South Tyrolean Törgeelen, that is a traditional moment that takes place in autumn and during which people eat and drink together typical food such as sauerkraut, potatoes, meat and Knödel.

It is a perfect dish for those who love meat and cold cuts. It is usually eaten with friends and family, accompanied with wine and roast chestnuts for dessert.


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