Schlutzkrapfen. Typical taste of South Tyrol

A starter that looks like a pasta dish in the shape of crescent moon filled with ricotta cheese and spinach, the Schlutzkrapfen are a typical pasta of Meran that must be tried during a relaxing holiday in South Tyrol.

The name comes from the German verb schluzen  that means  slide. To eat this specialty let the ravioli slide in your mouth and feel the filling melt on your tongue.

This crescent moons from Tyrol are perfect for a lunch or a dinner after a walk in the street of Meran because it is a rich and tasty main course, but also a starter. They are often handmade with rye and wheat flour, tepid water a pinch of salt and some olive oil. Their filling is a creamy mix of spinach, ricotta cheese, onion, butter, flour, milk, salt, pepper and nutmeg. Grated cheese and melted butter are the perfect final seasoning to serve the dish.

Other possible variations are with meat or potato or turnip filling.

Schlutzkrapfen are a typical tasty dish from a region rich of attractions. Enjoy Therme Meran and then savour every mouthful of filled crescent moons to have the ideal relaxing and tasty holiday. Why not go strolling through the castles of the city, the numerous markets and the natural parks for all the afternoon and then tired rest after dinner in a nice quiet place with a view over the mountains?

Usually you can find this ravioli in holiday farms and typical restaurants and try them in every season and can be eaten by all the family. A rustic recipe that conveys the atmosphere of the region and its tradition.

Tourist should try this delicate and simple tastes that tell the story of the mountains surrounding Meran and make your holiday special and full.


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