Themed culinary weeks in Meran: something new every month

By tradition, every year Meran hosts the Themed culinary weeks. Every month for 14 days you can try different dishes both typical and brand new ones prepared and served by the restaurants of the city following a specific theme that changes each time.

Also this year the Themed culinary weeks are interesting and tasty delighting tourists and visitors, with a programme that goes from fish to fruit, but includes also the veggie weeks and those dedicated to mushrooms and in the end the typical Knödel.

Fish weeks (01-14 March)

This year the Themed culinary weeks start with fourteen days dedicated to fish. In fact, it is served in a great number of preparations by the restaurants participating in the event: baked, grilled, steamed. It is the first time that fish is included in this event, a novelty to stir your senses: people from Meran and its surroundings, but also Italian and foreign tourists who want to try new tastes of South Tyrol.

Alpin-Mediterranean Weeks (01-14 April)

During the first two weeks of April, exotic plants and Mediterranean atmospheres arrive in the Alps. This event mixes specialties from South Tyrol and Mediterranean cooking. A gastronomic experience with fusion cuisine features promoted by the restaurants of the city that once again prove their creativity and savvy creating unique dishes.

Veggie Weeks (01-14 May)

Veggie Weeks are the event of May. Particularly loved by those who decided to abstain from the consumption of meat the dishes prepared by the cooks will also amaze and win the skeptics, while encouraging a healthy, balanced and conscious diet.

The delightful world of South Tyrolean herbs (01-14 June)

In June for two weeks Meran becomes the best place to try foods and drinks enriched with seasonal herbs used both following the tradition and creating new recipes.

Fruit weeks (01-14 July)

In July local fruits arrive on the tables of the Themed culinary weeks. It is loved because of the natural taste, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre and other nutrients. Fruit is the main ingredient of the two-weeks-event to delight adults and children who love natural tasty food.

Mushrooms weeks (01-14 August)

Mushrooms lovers should go to Meran in August. In fact, the first two weeks of the month are dedicated to pasta, pizza, rice, Knödel and salads enriched with the various mushrooms growing in the woods of the surroundings.

Culinary autumn in Merano (from mid-September to mid-November)

In autumn is available a great amount of fruit, meat and vegetables. Therefore, the Themed culinary weeks are dedicated to numerous uses of grape, chestnut, game, pumpkin and mushroom that delight people with typical autumn dishes.

Knödel Weeks (01-14 December)

During the last month of the year the Themed culinary weeks are dedicated to one of Meran typical dishes par excellence. Knödel are served by local restaurants to visitors, tourists and people from near towns to let them try the traditional taste of the city.