cascate Waterfalls are one of the main attractions of Meran surroundings. Easy and short excursions out of the city suitable also for families lead you to breathtaking steep rocks.

Among the most famous and extraordinary plunges there are Parcines and Castel Verruca/Fragsburg waterfalls. To reach Fragsburg waterfall you have to follow tracks surrounded by apple trees, flowery meadows and berry bushes. An easy walk to the foot of the massive plunge, the tallest in Alto Adige with its 135 metres, it touches slightly the rock and then disappears into a narrow gully. At the very heart of Val di Tel on the edge of Monte Sole there is the beautiful Parcines waterfall, in the middle of tracks surrounded by woods of broadleaved trees. From the top of the waterfall, almost a hundred metres tall, you can admire the valley below.

Moreover, the all area around the city is full of more waterfalls such as Gargazzone, Stieber or Passiria. Near Meran you can also find brooks, small lakes and ponds that create a suggestive landscape.

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